setiabudi and jakarta fair

what a day. dealing with jakarta's traffic jam has been quite exausting.
i watched garuda di dadaku this afternoon and then scooted down to jakarta fair. what a crowd. bought a new notebook case there. and did some walking around.
pretty dull though, cause there wasn't really any interesting things to look at, except from a number of sales promotion girls of a clothes company who did some stripping on the shop's balcony. that was disgusting and i mean it.

and i came home late because of traffic jams (again). oh and on the way, i just realised how irritating it is to see banners of nominated presidents just being hung without permits, and it's blocking the view, my view in fact. anyway, my cousin's staying over. my mom and dad are away in semarang. back tomorrow..

hmm..no news from harris today. pissing me off a little. but it doesn't really matter. i'll go to sleep now.

sleep well everyone,



yellloooooo peeps!!
so the end of year report was handed out this morning. i got quite frustrated last night. couldn't sleep well nor keep myself awake (huh?). anyway, it turned out i got pretty good scores. yeaaa at least not bad for a busy year...
i'm not actually sure why i'm writing this so i'll stop now.

happy holiday everyone!


I hate you
You hate me
Let's tye barney to a tree
With a great big bomb and a bullet through his head
Now let's hope that barney's dead!


ohh how i miss waking up late, and taking a crazy time with harris just to laugh around :(

i got a little busy this week and unfortunately it pissed everybody off. yes, i know it's my fault but can't anyone understand my situation here? helllooooo.. i'm a bit crunched up by all the pressures, especially from my mom. so i became a bitch last night that pissed off the only person who's always been patient for me. i'm sorry harris, i was a jerk indeed. i ruined it.

forgive me pleeeeaaaaaaaassssssseee..?




The Exam is Over!

whoooopiie! finally, i get to relax and get up late. no more books and pens (at least until school starts again). pheeeeeewwwww.. think i have to start thinking about what i should do for a month :) gonna be greaaat fun