angtibar 2012 <3

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angtibar 2012 <3, a set on Flickr.
Photographs were taken at Villa Bumi Cisarua, Puncak, on our first Rapat Umum Anggota Tim Bantuan Medis FKUI.



PANKREAS adalah Pameran Kreasi yang diadakan oleh amuba (anggota muda baru) Badan Film Mahasiswa FKUI. Pameran ini dilaksanakan pada tanggal 12-16 Desember 2011 lalu, bertempat di Lobby Bawah kampus tercinta, Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia. Di pameran ini, amuba BFM menampilkan kebolehan mereka di bidang fotografi, sinematografi, dan cre-art.

Trus gue ngapain ikutan heboh? Ya selain karena pameran ini konsep dan dekornya keren banget, salah satu film pendek yang mereka tayangkan menghidangkan gue sebagai pemeran utamanya!! Haha. Judulnya "6", karena ceritanya berlokasi di kampus Salemba 6. Trailer dan filmnya bisa dilihat di bawah ini.

Untuk film yang satu lagi ("4", karena berlokasi di Salemba 4), pemeran utamanya adalah Irsyalina Amalia. Jangan sampe ga nonton trailer dan filmnya!


my favourite medgirls ever.

The pictures were taken at Inda's. We were having Buka Puasa Bersama. Unfortunately, there were only 11 out of 16 of us. Overall, the penne and the chicken teriyaki we made ourselves were soooo good, we could almost cry :') haha!

All the above pictures are courtesy of Inda Tasha Bastaman, edited by myself.


laid back

Hi there!

Having my end-of-semester break at the moment. And I'm one month away from being back to college life. Entering my second year of medical school! Sometimes it's kind of scary to imagine that you're growing up. Don't you think so? It's like our childhood is getting further and further away. And we'll be facing real life anytime soon. It gets even more scary when it comes to getting married, having kids, worrying about your family's finance, having to pay up bills, and being responsible for your own life. Tough, but challenging. I always get excited when it comes to planning my wedding, decorating my own little-first-family-house with my future husband, and having family vacation all around the world with my future kids :p

That 'brewokan' dude is my abang. He looks so much like Ario Wahab when his hair is long!

The girl with the 'sunsilk' hair is my little sister.

Yep, time paces forward and we always have to be ready for whatever comes next. The past shall always be the past, but the past takes a big part in making us who we are today. So get ready, the ride is gonna get wild!


a pause from everything.

Hello again bloggers!

I finally have myself typing this post after months of absence from my blog. I'd like to share some things i've been doing for the past months.
Yep, it's my second semester of medical school and i found myself drowning among the books, paper tasks, and slide copies. Got lost for a few weeks and got back on track again, alhamdulillah. I even had a C- for my first exam on 'cells and genetics'. The rest of the exams went quite well eventhough they're still far from perfect. But i'm working on my study-behaviours!
Anyways, i'm having my module break for a week. Having a nice quite time, far from the hectic life. It's been just me, my tv, my laptop, my ipad, and my mom the whole entire week :D miss my friends though.....that's why we're having this barbeque party at afiffa's tomorrow night!

Well, i'll be posting again soon..ciao!