setiabudi and jakarta fair

what a day. dealing with jakarta's traffic jam has been quite exausting.
i watched garuda di dadaku this afternoon and then scooted down to jakarta fair. what a crowd. bought a new notebook case there. and did some walking around.
pretty dull though, cause there wasn't really any interesting things to look at, except from a number of sales promotion girls of a clothes company who did some stripping on the shop's balcony. that was disgusting and i mean it.

and i came home late because of traffic jams (again). oh and on the way, i just realised how irritating it is to see banners of nominated presidents just being hung without permits, and it's blocking the view, my view in fact. anyway, my cousin's staying over. my mom and dad are away in semarang. back tomorrow..

hmm..no news from harris today. pissing me off a little. but it doesn't really matter. i'll go to sleep now.

sleep well everyone,

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  1. kok kita gak ketemu ya her? gw juga ke jakarta fair trus ke temapt komputer juga. haha