social and health care kedokteran universitas indonesia 2010

30 October 2010. we held our first big event as the freshmen of FKUI. it wasn't those big sports and arts events we used to held in our highschool years. this time, as we are the future doctors of Indonesia, we held a social event.

the event itself was held in kampung siluman, tambun, bekasi timur. overall, it was quite a success. so proud of my friends. 2010 Jaya!


STOVIA visit.

The freshmen of Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia visited STOVIA last wednesday, to acknowldge the movement and the history of our beloved campus. The day was great. Lots of laughing, chatting, and eventually...walking :p

The photos were taken by A. Krisna Ernanda, edited by mysef. Hail to the yellow jacket!


The Yellow Life

My new life as a yellow jacket has been a hectic life. It gets fun when it comes to meeting new friends, being active in campus, and carrying around the pride as a medical student of University of Indonesia. It was once my dream. Now it's my reality.
My struggle to stand proud wearing the alma mater will never be forgotten. So I will not waste my opportunity and God's trust in me. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
Besides everything, I thank my new family for always giving positive influence to me, especially, through the past hard weeks of inaguration. May us always be blessed with courage, solidarity, and togetherness thoughout the next precious five years in becoming the greatest seven-stars-doctors.


Prom Dress oh Prom Dress

My senior prom is held on the 24th of June. And that would give me like one month to take care of the dress I'll be wearing on the very night. And guess what? After going everywhere, everyday, me and my mom just seem to can't find any perfect one :( So we'll go to the taylor, but it hasn't even been done yet.. So yeah, I'm kinda stressed out now, since everybody's already halfway!

So I google-image-ed some evening gowns for fresh ideas..
Favourite designer so far? Elie Saab!