Prom Dress oh Prom Dress

My senior prom is held on the 24th of June. And that would give me like one month to take care of the dress I'll be wearing on the very night. And guess what? After going everywhere, everyday, me and my mom just seem to can't find any perfect one :( So we'll go to the taylor, but it hasn't even been done yet.. So yeah, I'm kinda stressed out now, since everybody's already halfway!

So I google-image-ed some evening gowns for fresh ideas..
Favourite designer so far? Elie Saab!



  1. reza pake yang Victoria Beckham ajaaa luv :)

  2. Salam Kenal dariku, nice artikel :D Sekalian mau bilang Met Puasa bagi yang puasa. Met sejahtera bagi yang gak njalanin. Semoga selamat & damai dimuka Bumi. Amin :D