okaaay, since i haven't been posting for so long.. i'll make some quick updates of my life through pictures. cause they say, "pictures worth a thousand words" :)

a visit to Bandung with my girls --> Fani, Onta, Nina, Intan and Sapi (+ David)

Onta's house, before departing

me and Intan at Jonas Photo, Parijs Van Java

a few people came on the 4th day..yaay

Dinda Niken's 17th Birthday :)

Muthe, Nikon, Nadia, me, Rahmi, Cathlin, Bella, Pipit, Mpi, Bajay

Muthe, Nikon, Cathlin, Nadia, Bella, me

Haul Bang Risman

Bang Boy's house, Tebet, Jakarta

A quick snapshot from BAZKOM Food Festival, I Eat I Win!

Nina, me

Diving at Benoa, Bali. December 2009.

me and my sister, Aci

Hanging Out with 'Balenos' :)

NAV, Kelapa Gading
BTW, the guy with blue shirt and grey jacket is Ian from the band 'Mints'. You should listen to their debate song 'Coz You'

(From left to right) Sherly, me, Nadia

And some more on my next post, i gotta go pray!


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