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Hi there!

Having my end-of-semester break at the moment. And I'm one month away from being back to college life. Entering my second year of medical school! Sometimes it's kind of scary to imagine that you're growing up. Don't you think so? It's like our childhood is getting further and further away. And we'll be facing real life anytime soon. It gets even more scary when it comes to getting married, having kids, worrying about your family's finance, having to pay up bills, and being responsible for your own life. Tough, but challenging. I always get excited when it comes to planning my wedding, decorating my own little-first-family-house with my future husband, and having family vacation all around the world with my future kids :p

That 'brewokan' dude is my abang. He looks so much like Ario Wahab when his hair is long!

The girl with the 'sunsilk' hair is my little sister.

Yep, time paces forward and we always have to be ready for whatever comes next. The past shall always be the past, but the past takes a big part in making us who we are today. So get ready, the ride is gonna get wild!

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