a pause from everything.

Hello again bloggers!

I finally have myself typing this post after months of absence from my blog. I'd like to share some things i've been doing for the past months.
Yep, it's my second semester of medical school and i found myself drowning among the books, paper tasks, and slide copies. Got lost for a few weeks and got back on track again, alhamdulillah. I even had a C- for my first exam on 'cells and genetics'. The rest of the exams went quite well eventhough they're still far from perfect. But i'm working on my study-behaviours!
Anyways, i'm having my module break for a week. Having a nice quite time, far from the hectic life. It's been just me, my tv, my laptop, my ipad, and my mom the whole entire week :D miss my friends though.....that's why we're having this barbeque party at afiffa's tomorrow night!

Well, i'll be posting again soon..ciao!

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