Last Day In Class

whoaaaa! ga kerasa tadi udah hari terakhir duduk di kelas XI. we'll be facing the end of year exam on monday. a history was made. it's time to move on and jump over the last challenge this year (baca : ujian akhir semester). semoga semua anak 010 naik kelas dengan nilai memuaskan yaaaaaa. amin!

hmmmm.. being an eleventh grade student has been the greatest time. i did all my first breakouts against school this year. from when i decided to skip lessons, or getting out of school before home time for different kinds of reasons, or being involved in various school events, or going home late and then get grounded, or even called up to the counceling room because of all those behaviors. lol. i did that all only because i'm just frickin' tired of the ordinary-studying lifestyle of mine the past years of my school life and being the teacher's pet in every school i've been in.

so there, i've had my fun time this year although i still managed to safe my dignity as chairman of MPK :) tough, but i passed it guys.

so good luck to us all! may those who desserve, continue to the next grade (no offence for the rest!lol). ayoooooooooooo pasti bisaaaa


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