a passion for jazz ballet

well come on! i've been doing classic ballet since i was 5 and continuing jazz ballet since 8th grade. no wonder i become a freak at this. lol

honestly, dancing has been my greatest passion besides music. i've also been in organ courses since i was 5. but it all stopped at my 10th age when my parents decided to move to holland for 3 years. life sucks then. my life was only for school. cause there wasn't any right course for me to continue my ballet and organ..

being back in my homeland was the greatest thing i've ever imagined. no matter how poor, how hot, how polluting, and how 'undeveloped' my country is (at least thats what people say :)) being back home feels really sweet. it's true when people say "home sweet home"

anyway, the first thing that came up to my mind was to continue my ballet course. and so i did. its actually really nice to express yourself through movements, beautiful movements.

oh yeah there's a big show coming up this july 25th. you should see it! a performance of beauty and the beast in jazz ballet.

find yourself dancing along :)

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