I remember when I was little
When anybody asked me what I wanna be when I grow up
When I would innocently answered, "Doctor!"
With fire raging in my eyes
And un-scare-ness
As if it was easy to achieve
As if it wouldn't take any sacrifices
As if I was sure I was able to

But as years pass
I grew older
Became no more childish
And expected to be treated as a grown-up woman
I began to have doubt
I felt I wouldn't be as 'much' as what my parents have been expecting
Not like kindergarten
Not anymore

And then here I am
Trembling in my weak knees
Not believing one fact of my life
That my obsession will soon be achieved
And I thank You, Lord
For always giving me mercy
For always blessing me
And I thank you, Mom
For always believing
For always praying throughout your days
And I thank you, Dad
For always being my biggest motivation
For always being my true role model

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